At Cocun, we are building a living ecosystem.

We are all interconnected with each other, the world around us, and beyond our world.

From the microcosm to the macrocosm, the context in which we live our lives deeply impacts us, and we impact it.
We believe in meeting people where they are, and in so doing, we guide individuals to meet themselves. In self-knowledge begins the real voyage of discovery.
Our living projects consider the multi dimensional aspect of Wellness, with its infinite possibilities, and our life-in-total approach.

Wellness Community

We are stewards of the new Wellness lifestyle. We are bringing our philosophy to life by demonstrating love-in-action through the development of a wellness community in the Coachella Valley of California, anchored by an innovative Wellness center.

Regenerative Farming

We are farmers. Because we know that food is such an important part of life and wellness, it is a fundamental part of what we are doing. Located in Santa Paula, our Cocun organic and regenerative farm focuses on conservation, rehabilitation, and biodiversity – with the vital role that nourishment plays to human and planetary health.

Children’s Wellness

We believe that our children are humanity’s most precious resource. We partner with organizations to foster a new developmental approach to life-long wellbeing which starts with the awakening of a new way to learning – in the earliest part of health span – childhood.

Our projects are invitations to experience Wellness with completely new eyes.
Are you ready?